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About Us

Serving Maryland’s mechanical contracting needs since 1909.

Our History

1909: At age 26, M. Nelson Barnes establishes a small plumbing company in his home at 807 North Howard Street in Baltimore
with his wife, Jessie Davis Barnes, which grows to be M. Nelson Barnes & Sons, Inc. Barnes’ sons were N. Davis and John Gordon as well as a daughter named Edith.

1910: Origination in Maryland of State Board of Commissioners of practical plumbing. M. Nelson Barnes held Master Plumber License No. 49.

19??: Company relocates to 3 West 23rd Street, Baltimore.

1920: M. Nelson Barnes Plumbing and Heating Contractors grows to 50 field employees and 6 office employees.

M. Nelson Barnes
J. Gordon Barnes

1952: Incorporation of M. Nelson Barnes & Sons, Inc.

1961: Chairman: M. Nelson Barnes; President: J. Gordon Barnes

1963: Company relocates to 2011 Greenspring Drive, Timonium, Maryland.

1963: John L. Stasiak begins employment at M. Nelson Barnes.

1966: Acquires J. Kenneth Trail, Inc. to add sheet metal fabrication and installation services.

1966: Profit-sharing pension plan established for all employees.

1966: M. Nelson Barnes RIP

1968: The Barnes family, as Three West Corporation, develops 117 Church Lane, Cockeysville, MD. This becomes the company’s principal address in 1969.

1971-1989: Established and operated branch office on Eastern Shore in Cambridge, MD.

1977: Awarded the Baltimore Convention Center project, at the time the largest single project for the company.

1979: John L. Stasiak becomes first stockholder outside of the Barnes family.

1983: Chairman, J. Gordon Barnes; President, John L. Stasiak.

1987: J. Gordon Barnes RIP.

1987: Owner, Chairman and President, John L. Stasiak.

1992: Richard D. Romagnoli first day of employment.

1996: Implementation of Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

John L. Stasiak
Richard D. Romagnoli

1997: Conversion of Profit Sharing Plan to a 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan.

2000: ESOP makes first purchase of John L. Stasiak company stock.

2005: Chairman, John L. Stasiak; President, Richard D. Romagnoli.

2006: Final purchase of JLS stock, company is 100% employee owned.

2008: John L. Stasiak RIP.

2008: Chairman and President, Richard D. Romagnoli.

2009: M. Nelson Barnes 100-Year Anniversary Celebration held at Baltimore Museum of Industry.